Pengaruh Iklan Televisi Terhadap Keputusan Pembelian Konsumen (Studi Pada Produk Bakmi Mewah)

Nur Wahida, Arlin Ferlina Mochamad Trenggana


The consumption level of instant noodle in Indonesia eventually nominated as the second position in the world. Mayora has created Bakmi Mewah which different from other fast food that has been served in today’s market, through the television advertisement marketing strategy. The purpose of this research is to determine and analyse the consumer’s perception regarding the television advertising and consumer’s purchase decision of Bakmi Mewah’s product, and how much is the influence of television advertising to the Bakmi Mewah’s consumer purchased decision. The television advertising is measure from the video and audio. Meanwhile, the purchase decision was measured by the product’s choice, brand’s choice, distribution channel’s choice, purchasing time, and payment system.

This type of research is causal-descriptive using quantitative method. The data collection technique is using the questionnaire where the number of population is unknown, therefore the sampling technique that used is probability sampling specified in incidental sampling, the number of respondents are 100 people. The research result found that Bakmi Mewah’s television advertising categorized as good, the purchase decision of Bakmi Mewah considered also considered as good, although there is no consumer’s interest in purchasing back the Bakmi Mewah’s product. Based on partial (t-test) hypothesis, it found that television advertising has a significant influence towards consumer’s purchase decision on Bakmi Mewah’s product. According to the coefficient determination, the television advertising has influence 26% and the rest is 74% which influenced by the other factors that are not included in this research.


Keywords: television advertisement, video, audio, purchase decision.

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