R. Okky Satria, Husaeri Priatna


This research was conducted in PD BPR Bandung District Branch Office Banjaran, which is one branch of a bank owned by the government of Bandung regency, this business entity acting as a financial intermediary that society as savings and loan institutions. In PD BPR Bandung District Branch Office Banjaran suspected employee performance is not optimal, it is alleged by a factor of leadership style, commitment and job satisfaction are not optimal. The theory used in this study is the theory of Human Resource Management related to leadership style, commitment, job satisfaction and performance. The method used is the survey approach and the nature of his research is the explanation. Methods of data collection through interviews, questionnaires, and documentation studies using the entire population of respondents 33 employees. Prior to hypothesis testing, data collected gradually advance testing of validit, reliability and normality of distribution. The analysis and testing techniques used by using the correlation coefficient formula, the method of Spearman Brown split half, and linear regression formula with a coefficient of determination of processing the data through SPSS version 21. The results showed that the performance of the employee 's leadership style is influenced partially by 20.4 %, 23.4% affected commitment and job satisfaction is influenced by 25.0 %. Simultaneous performance of the employee influenced style of leadership, motivation and job satisfaction was 68.8 %, while the remaining 31.2 % is influenced by other factors (epsilon /residue). In conclusion leadership style, commitment and job satisfaction significantly influence employee performance in PD BPR Bandung District Branch Office Banjaran either partially or simultaneously.

Keywords: leadership style; commitment; job satisfaction; employee performance

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