Pengaruh Kompetensi Dan Kompensasi Terhadap Kepuasan Kerja Serta Implikasinya Pada Kinerja Paramedis Di Rumah Sakit Cibabat Kota Cimahi

Ester Manik, Wiarah Wiarah


This study aims to: 1). to seek the influence of competence, Compensation for Job Satisfaction in the Hospital Cibabat Cimahi; 2). to determine the influence of job satisfaction on performance within the Hospital Cibabat Cimahi.The research was conducted in the Hospital Cibabat Cimahi by sampling 158 paramedics. The method used is the descriptive analysis method by using path analysis (path analysis). And operation of calculations using SPSS Ver. 17.The results of this study are as follows: Effect on Performance Competence Paramedic total of 38.87%; Effect of total compensation to performance of 33.27% Paramedic; Effect of total competence and compensation on Job Satisfaction of 72.14%; Job Satisfaction and Influence total of 75.55% of the performance.The conclusion of this study is proven there is a significant effect of Competence, and Compensation for Job Satisfaction and Performance implications for paramedics in Hospital Cibabat Cimahi.

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