Development of An Expert System for The Diagnosis of Kidney Disease Using the Certainty Factor Method


  • Refky Maulana Universitas Sriwijaya
  • Anita Desiani Universitas Sriwijaya


Kata Kunci:

Certainty Factor, expert system, kidney, C


Kidney disease is a prevalent health issue affecting millions of people globally. Early and accurate diagnosis of kidney diseases can help in the timely and effective management of the condition. Expert systems, such as those using the Certainty Factor (CF) method, can provide doctors with valuable assistance in diagnosing kidney diseases more efficiently and accurately. This study aims to develop a kidney disease diagnosis expert system using the CF method. The developed system consists of data collection, data storage, and data processing components, with the CF method used to calculate diagnostic confidence levels and decision-making based on predetermined rules. The knowledge acquisition process was carried out by interviewing three nephrologists to obtain rules for diagnosing kidney diseases. The expert system's evaluation is conducted by comparing the system's diagnostic accuracy with a specialist doctors. The results show that the developed expert system has an accuracy rate of 85.7% in diagnosing kidney diseases. The system also has a user-friendly interface, which allows doctors to input symptoms and obtain a diagnosis quickly and accurately. The developed system has several advantages over traditional diagnosis methods. It can diagnose multiple kidney diseases simultaneously and provide a differential diagnosis, allowing doctors to choose the most appropriate treatment plan for their patients. The system also has the potential to reduce diagnostic errors and improve patient outcomes.



Cara Mengutip

Maulana, R., & Desiani, A. (2023). Development of An Expert System for The Diagnosis of Kidney Disease Using the Certainty Factor Method. Majalah Bisnis &Amp; IPTEK, 16(1), 16–25.